2022-2024 Volkswagen Golf R Touring and Track Edition Cat-Back Exhaust Systems Available at Top Edge in Denver and Montrose, CO

Discover the perfect blend of performance and comfort with the Touring Edition Exhaust System, now available at Top Edge in Denver and Montrose, CO. This system features AWE’s innovative 180 Technology® resonators, engineered to deliver a deep, uninterrupted sound while ensuring a comfortable highway drive. These resonators are uniquely designed to neutralize disruptive frequencies without any packing material, maintaining a consistent tone and optimizing airflow over time. For those in Denver or Montrose seeking a more thrilling auditory experience, the Track Edition offers a bolder choice. By replacing the 180 Technology® resonators with high-grade stainless steel, this version is lighter, louder, and ideal for speed enthusiasts. Note that due to its distinctive sound profile, returns based on sound preference are not accepted. Visit Top Edge near you for professional installation services and to experience these advanced exhaust systems firsthand.