At Top Edge, located in Denver and Montrose, Colorado, we are proud to introduce the latest JL Audio® C6 speaker systems, a cutting-edge addition to our high-end car audio offerings. As a signature dealer for JL Audio, we provide an exclusive selection of these premium speakers designed to elevate the acoustic ambiance of your vehicle. The JL Audio C6 series is available either as a 2-way component system, complete with passive crossovers, or as standalone speakers for those preferring an active setup.

Each component of the JL Audio C6 series is engineered to deliver a powerful and clear auditory experience. The series features a robust 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter that incorporate advanced technology for superior sound quality. Key features include:

  • DMA-Optimized Woofers: These woofers utilize motor plates with DMA-optimized technology to produce a consistent motor force when powered, enhancing mid-bass impact while minimizing distortion. Their cast alloy frames incorporate Elevated Frame Cooling to ensure outstanding performance, complemented by an innovative spider design that maintains precise movement of the woofer cone.

  • Ultra-Smooth Tweeters: The tweeters, made from pure silk, are designed for smooth high-frequency sounds and excellent sound dispersion. Equipped with neodymium motors and Ferrofluid cooling, these tweeters ensure high performance and reliability.

  • Passive Crossover Network: The system includes a passive crossover network offering four levels of tweeter adjustment, high-quality capacitors, and air-core inductors all housed within a protective smoked polycarbonate case.

Now available for purchase, the JL Audio C6 series starts at a retail price of $999.99. Top Edge isn't just your source for exceptional car audio solutions; we also specialize in custom car audio installations, full off-road truck accessories, and comprehensive automotive repairs. Visit us to explore how we can enhance your vehicle with the latest audio technology or other upgrades.

For more details on our products and services, or to explore further enhancements for your vehicle, feel free to visit our locations or contact us directly. We are dedicated to providing premium solutions to all your automotive needs.